Sound & Color



Alabama Shakes new release Sound & Color is the continuing adventures of a great band that features some mighty soulful rhythms & blues, rock, funk, and high octane singing.

Lead singer and guitarist Howard and her band mates and school mates guitarist Heath Fogg, bassist Zac Cockrell, and drummer Steve Johnson are not over night wonders. The quartet from Athens, Alabama has been at it for a few years and have racked up some hits, gained a lot of fans, were nominated for three Grammys in 2013 for their first album Boys and Girls, and won three Grammy Awards in 2016 for Sound & Color.

The CD is a wonderful aural kaleidoscope. It is diverse sounds and textures that range from the slow, syncopated R&B title cut "Sound & Color," to the futuristic soundscapes "Dunes" and "Future People," to the whimsical "Guess Who (Somebody's Watching You)."

It gets down to some nitty gritty, bluesy, retro R&B on "Gimme All Your Love," "Miss You (and your Mickey Mouse tattoo)," "Over My Head ('Loving So Deeply')."

Sound & Color is jammed packed with soulful, rocking rhythms like " Don't Want." And, Brittany belts out this song. She testifies and does so with real gritty truth and conviction -- have mercy!

©L'cinda Scott-McCall