Dear Ella :: Tribute Album by
Dee Dee Bridgewater

Dee Dee Bridgewater is a talented, delightful, dazzling reigning jazz diva. She is a talented artist who has developed--honed and crafted--her talent fantastically well. And, Dee uses fine creativity to honor other jazz luminaries.

Following up on her tribute album dedicated to Horace Silver, Dee Dee is honoring, is paying homage to the Grand Duchess, The First Lady Of Jazz, Miss Ella Fitzgerald on her latest release Dear Ella, which is extraordinarily wonderful tribute to Ella. The release is a moving celebration of the Great Lady. It is a warm, sensitive expression of love and appreciation of Ella Fitzgerald.

Dee Dee is complemented and accompanied on the date by stellar, talented artists: Ray Brown (bass) and Lou Levy (piano) who both worked with Ella, Grady Tate, Milt Jackson, Cecil Bridgewater, Antonio Hart, Andre Ceccarelli, and the venerable Kenny Burrell who composed "Dear Ella," the title track.

Collaborating with this group of jazz legends, Dee Dee uses her versatile, velvety vocal instrument to deliver a veritable basket full of melodic delights as she honors Ella with many of the songs the Grand Duchess made famous. Dee Dee gives a tour de force performance --renderings of tunes befitting the royal Lady.

From the regal opening brass led big band intro on "Tisket-A-Tasket," Dee Dee creatively and artistically sets the mood for her marvelous tribute to the singular Miss Fitzgerald. Seguewaying dramatically...from the opening cut--the song that launched Ella's distinguished career--into a swinging, delicate and sweet, elegantly...cheeky out of this world version of "Mack The Knife."

On pieces like "Undecided," Miss Bridgewater loving caresses, finesses and tenderly torches each word of the song--bops it...moves and grooves it...vocally sculpts it and each composition on the album into her own vocal likeness.

Dee Dee's smooth, finger snapping and toe tapping mellow mood setting takes of such standard beauties as "Midnight Sun" and "Mr. Pagannini...her wonderful phraseology and scatology are heard on tunes as the whimsical "Cotton Tail." Dee Dee uses her fertile creative, imaginative vocal artistry to turn "Stairway To The Stars" into a joyful, magical high flying wonderpiece.

"Dear Ella," Kenny Burrell's magnificent, creative composition and Dee Dee's precision vocalization, grace and impeccable attention to detail...wonderfully crown off this celebration and tribute to Ella...the Grand Duchess of jazz--of sophisticated genius and ultra singularity.

Dee Dee Bridgewater's superb work, Dear Ella, is an outstanding, high caliber work, it is a masterpiece, an honor befitting the royal Lady of song...of jazz. It is a highly complimentary work for a gracious Lady...a precious talent, who gave joyously...who shined as bright as a rare priceless diamond. Ella shared so graciously...and Kenny and Dee expressed their love and appreciation to her in a most exemplary, artistic manner.

We are sharing the poignant, beautiful lyrics that Kenny Burrell penned, and Dee Bridgewater used her gorgeous voice to create a loving tribute--one that richly celebrates the essence and soul of Ella Fitzgerald, the Great Lady...The Grand Duchess of Jazz.

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"Dear Ella," Lyrics By Kenny Burrell
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