Waiting N Swan



Waiting N Swan, Ottmar Liebert's latest CD release, pays homage to Reggae icon and super star Bob Marley, who was a masterful composer, musician and global Reggae ambassador.

Why Reggae and Flamenco Tangos? Liebert feels Reggae and Tangos Flamenco (different from Argentinian Flamenco) are connected, and that some believe the Caribbean rhythm could have been brought to Spain by sailors. And, he adds that the roots of Tangos, Reggae and Salsa are in Africa.

For some time Liebert had wanted to do a Reggae version of his very popular composition, "Barcelona Nights." And as any Reggae fan knows, once you have fallen in love with the rhythms of Reggae, and more precisely, Bob Marley's masterful creations, you are simply hooked. So, in 2014 Ottmar decided to do an album that brought these "siblings," Reggae and Tangos, together.

Ottmar nicely transforms the classic piece "Barcelona Nights" and the ever popular "Heart Still Beating" into a light, easy, breezy, rhythmic Reggae/Tango.

Liebert delivers lively, upbeat, lay back renderings of "Could You Be Loved," "I Shot the Sheriff," Jamming," and "Lively Up Yourself (with a little funky vibe)."

On "Them Belly Full," "No Woman No Cry," "Three Little Birds," and "Waiting In Vain," Ottmar artistically and skillfully re-imagines some of Bob Marley's most revered artistic creations that reflected his active support of the global quest for justice, peace and freedom.

Ottmar Liebert's Waiting N Swan impressively covers a number of Bob Marley's signature compositions and does so in a way that honors him and his masterful body of work -- his legacy.

Oh, and the meaning of Waiting N Swan? I quote:

"Regarding the title of the new album, Waiting n Swan, the word 'waiting' refers, of course, to the song 'Waiting in Vain' and the phrase 'n Swan' is Caribbean creole meaning 'and so on."

©L'cinda Scott-McCall