Sound of Red



On Sound of Red Rene' Marie delivers eleven power-packed jazzy, bluesy, soulful, folksy compositions that she created. The album is tapestry of sound, of life, of lives. It is a wonderfully crafted work that she says is an effort to cover the spectrum of human emotions.

The title track, Sound of Red, is the sound of lives. It speaks of different sounds that reflect lives, of different moods-- good times, bad times, happy and sad times.

She says each track presents a slightly different dilemma we all experience personally. And, the album is very personal for her. On "This Is Not a Protest Song" is about two of her family members. But the struggles she sings about on the song are universal, are problems many people face.

Indeed the tracks on the album cover a range of feelings, of emotions -- of love ("If You Were Mine" ), of compassion ("This Is Not a Protest Song"), of good feelings ("Colorado River", "Joy of Jazz")stength and character ("Stronger Than You Think") of humanity ("Blessings"), and of inhumanity ("Dixie/Strange Fruit").

"Dixie/Strange Fruit," a slow, bluesy dirge that conveys the moaningingful anguish, speaks of the dark, horrific reality that the lyrics speak about. It also speaks of strength, courage and conviction of people she admired -- like Dr. King, Billy Holiday, Nina Simone, and Eartha Kitt -- and who touched her, who made a difference. She wants her music to do that. She wants to have the courage to do that.

Courage? Rene' Marie is a bodaciously talented artist and Sound of Red is a testament to her courage and clarity of vision to create and deliver a masterful work in a mighty powerful way.

©L'cinda Scott-McCall